Worship is more than singing a song…it’s a lifestyle.  When people walk through the doors at NorthCreek, we want everyone to experience the awesomeness of God.  You don’t have to jump up and down.  You don’t have to be silent or loud.  You don’t even have to sing to experience the presence of God.  But, something supernatural takes place when we participate and worship God for who He is, what He’s done, and what He will do as the giver of hope!


At NorthCreek, we might sit.  We might stand.  We might clap our hands or even raise them in praise like we’re at a Seahawks game.  But, regardless of what we are doing with our bodies on the outside, God cares about what’s happening on the inside…in our hearts!  Be yourself.  Respond to God’s goodness.  Respond to His mercy and forgiveness.  Respond to His awesomeness.  Worshiping God changes us and blesses God.

Serve On The Team

We’re always looking for musicians and vocalists to join our team.  Play bass?  Drums?  Guitar?  Violin or cello?  Piano?  We want to talk to you!  We are currently looking for people who have the talent and the heart to be a committed team player on our worship team. We’re also looking for people to do the important jobs of sound, video, and graphic arts.

If you’ve got some talent in any of the arts, contact us immediately at