Looking for a church?

Looking for a church?  You'll love NorthCreek. Whether you just moved from hundreds of miles away, or, you’re just relocating from the surrounding area, or, you're simply looking for a church, we invite you to check out NorthCreek!

NorthCreek has a unique story.  We started the church from scratch…literally. We started in a home, moved to our local YMCA, met in a coffee shop, and have now moved the church to a movie theater in Woodinville.  It’s a hip place to be for everyone!

At NorthCreek Church, we have great music, awesome kids ministry, and most of all, we preach that Jesus is the hope of the world!

Kidz City is full of adventure for kids!

It’s safe, secure, and fun! Kidz LOVE doing church in a movie theater and can’t wait to come back every week! Here’s how it works:

1. FIND US. When you enter the theater, follow the signs to the right.  Keep walking!  You’ll see the Kidz City signs on your left.

2. SIGN-IN. Sign your little superhero in!  You’ll receive a number to pick up your child with.  Only YOU will be permitted to retrieve your child.

3. ENJOY THE SERVICE. Our service lasts about an hour and a few minutes. They are fun, inspiring, straight to the heart, and challenging.

4. RETURN. Head back to the kids theater and submit your number to pick up your little superhero.

Come check us out this Sunday! We meet at 10am in the Woodinville AMC Movie Theaters!

Why NorthCreek Church?

Finding a church is kind of like dating.

If you can enjoy the strengths and can live with the weaknesses, you’ve found a good match!  Not only will you find a fun and casual atmosphere, but you’ll also hear and learn about a God who is truly awesome and forgiving.

That’s what makes NorthCreek a great place to visit and make your home!

You also need to know we're a newer church looking to gather people to create a place you can invite your friends to.  If you’re looking for something new, want to be instrumental in starting a new church that will reach thousands of people in the future, then NorthCreek is the place for you!

Become part of the NorthCreek family!!

New here?

Here’s what you can expect on Sunday mornings at NorthCreek:

Expect a Casual Atmosphere- Come dressed casually.  If you’re wearing a suit, you’ll be overdressed and people will think you’re the pastor.

Expect Relevant Style and Sermons- You don’t have to check your brain at the door… sermons that make you think, challenge the status quo, inspire change, and encourage you to enter God’s story will be the norm.

Expect Great Music- Not too loud, not too soft.  Contemporary. Fun. Energetic.

Expect A Place for Kids- Your kids will love NorthCreek Kids at the movie theaters.  All of our workers have had background checks and are educated to provide the best environment for your child to grow in every way!

Expect A Place to Connect- Not only will you find great coffee and pastries, you’ll find a place to just hang out and enjoy yourself.