A “New You” in 2013?

Every year I make New Year’s resolutions. Every year I fail to live up to them. Well, I am pretty high knowing I won’t be able to pull them all off, but, ya never know! But this year I’ve decided to try something different: I’ve decided to reverse engineer my life. That’s right. I’ve decided to start with the end in mind. For me, that demands breaking old habits by making new ones.

No one had better habits than Jesus. Here’s 5 of Jesus’ most obvious habits:

1. Prayer and fasting. Jesus prayed a lot. In fact, he prayed more on his busiest days! Jesus was so familiar with prayer that his disciples asked him, “Jesus, teach us to pray.” That famous passage in Luke 11 contains the Lord’s prayer. But read the story after that. In verse 8, Jesus encourages us to pray with “shameless audacity”! That’s cool…shameless audacity. Our God is too small…we need to pray bigger, bolder prayers!

2. Solitude. Jesus had the perfect synchronized rhythm of being social and being alone to pray. The Bible says he often went to quiet, out of the way places to pray.

3. Bible Reading. Jesus read the first 5 books of the Bible and read his favorite Old Testament book, Isaiah, often. It was a daily part of his life.

4. Community. Jesus had a group of three that he spent a lot of time with (Peter, James, and John). Then, he had the 12. Then, he had 72. Then, he had the crowds. But he was close to his small groups.

5. Trusting the Father. Jesus had the remarkable ability to pray to his Father and trust him for the outcome.

Even Jesus was subject to the harshness and unfairness of the world, but he didn’t choose to control it, but chose to love it.

Of course there’s nothing “new” about these habits….but there my resolutions. It’s a way to reverse engineer my life. There’s a lot of resolutions that we might not keep this year. We might not meet our own expectations. But, my prayer for NorthCreek this year is that we’d model our lives after Jesus and the habits he displayed! Why? Because we’d have a generational and community impact that will pay off for years to come!

Posted on January 8, 2013 .